On A Waaave is a talk show that focuses on showcasing local talent by interviewing creatives in Cardiff and surrounding areas. When creating the intro to the show I mainly focused on designing something simple that doesn't represent just one area of creative professions, as the show covers a vast array of guests.
The intro is basically made up of a series of tweens. The fast dropping logo is made up of a series of loops with a blur effect over the top, until it settles, which is where I then introduce the other aspects of the logo.
You might be wondering why there is a green screen at the start of the intro. Well that's because I will use an Ultra Key on Premiere Pro to eliminate that green colour to create a transparent space of which I can then overlay it on to other footage. An example of this is in the short clip below!
With each episode, by working co-operatively within the Waaave team, we have developed a much more consistent look for our brand. As you can see in the image above, our most recent footage contains a strict colour scheme with those pink and reds, an effort on our part to wear clothes that contrast those colours, and other ways to show off the brand including that lightbox in the top right corner of the staging area.
Working on these talk show episodes have really shown me the great importance of brand consistency across every form of media.
Soundwaaave is a show dedicated to music production. Each episode features a different artist and viewers can watch while they dive in to their production process. As this show is based on a more specific topic I used this opportunity to create a look that represents much more of a playful and creative feel.
With these more illustrative types of animation, in the past I would solely hand draw on more of a frame by frame basis, but to match the tone of the On A Waaave intro I included a combination of frame by frame and tweening. The character in this intro consists of multiple animation loops that I illustrated, then I created a separate tween for each loop so that the overall motion is a lot smoother.
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