The best thing about being part of an independent business from its creation is really understanding what the brand identity needs to be. Nathan (my director) believed in me to bring has vision to life from the very first made vectors to the bar's ongoing success.
Below you can see the journey of creating the brand, and I started with logo experimentation.
The colours symbolise that classic American diner feel from the 50's, mixed with a speakeasy vibe from the 20's. The type needed to have enough character to exhibit what the venue is all about but also simple enough to be used successfully across a range of platforms.
Probably my most favourite part of this journey was being asked to create a bunch of characters to be used across our print and media. These help to bring life to the brand through personality reminiscent of American 30's cartoons.
You can see these illustrations in action below:
Out of all of the events we have put on at the venue our idea for New Year's Eve has to be my favourite. This is partly because I had full creative control to decide what I wanted to do for the promotional work.
I came up with the idea to create a 20's inspired advert that outlined what we had to offer for the evening, whilst also injecting a ton of personality in to help with online engagement. The following video was written, directed and edited by me. The shots were taken by our regular photographer: Coal Poet Media.
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