Darllen Co do a great job of providing reading material for childrenĀ in Wales through a new and exciting electronic platform. Their app contains many, many stories for young ones to read all in one place. Better yet, all the stories are in Welsh, so a great way to help promote the language that feels more 2023.
I have had the pleasure of providing illustrations for a couple of stories by some amazing authors.
The first e-book I created illustrations for is about a boy called Franc who has an imaginary friend, Max. It is set around Franc's school sports day, and Max helps him in a race by creating a "fart-nado", making him go faster!
The second story I have provided illustrations for is about a girl called Doti who gives a magic potion to her hamster, who then grows massive, and then the same potion to her cat to destroy the hamster. Very much inspired by Godzilla!
If you would like to find out more about Darllen Co then you can check out theirĀ website out here!
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